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Sunday, 11 February 2007

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EURAB 06.049 European Research Advisory Board Final Report:
Scientific Publication: Policy on Open Access. December 2006

Open Access Repository or Archive

  • OA repositories or archives provide storage and management of OA scholarly publications.
  • OA repositories provide free access to the material contained in them and are also committed to long-term preservation of the material. 
  • They contain both metadata (citation details of the publication) and the full text of the publication.
  • OA archives can be organized by discipline (e.g. arXir for physics, or CERN Document Server CDS, or by institution (e.g. eScholarship Repository for the University of California). OpenDOAR provides a comprehensive list of OA repositories wich is updated regularly.

  • Institutional OA repositories may be integrated with local research information systems. They have been federated within countries e.g.  the DARE consortium and the DAREnet harvesting service, wich automatically collects publication information from several repositories in the Netherlands (DARE 2006).
  • OA archives do not perform peer review. However, they may limit deposit to pieces in the right discipline or authors from the right institution. OA archives may have a policy of accepting post-prints only (i.e. post peer review).
  • OA archives can contain preprints, postprints or both.
  • They contain metadata (citation details of the publication) and the actual content (text) of the publication, or both. OA archives may contain supporting data in various file formats.
  • OA archives provide rich searching functionality and emerging standards will support searching across multiple archives.

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